Oh no! I bought the laptop from hell at Best Buy

Question: I bought an Asus laptop computer from Best Buy recently. Soon after I began using it, the PC started shutting down randomly.
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“This mistake may in fact cost you millions”

I was surprised by some of the comments about Dell after one reader’s complaint that the company forced her to pay extra to talk with an American call center. Maybe I shouldn’t have been.

Now along comes the story of one customer who spent so much time on “hold” with said call center that he’s ready to give up on Dell once and for all. And this time, it could cost the PC manufacturer more than the loss of a single customer. This one claims to command a budget of millions of dollars in IT spending.
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Honeymoon in hell: “I wanted to leave and go home”

Jessica Kase describes her stay at Sandals Grande St. Lucian as a “honeymoon from hell” and she wants the all-inclusive hotel chain to make it up to her. But has it done enough for her already? And how do you make up for a honeymoon in which you spend “three days in my room sobbing because what was supposed to be an amazing vacation and honeymoon was completely ruined”?

Kase and her husband booked a week at the resort and another week at a Sandals property in Antigua, despite some misgivings. The online ratings were mixed, but another couple they knew had recommended the hotels.

“I should have been smarter than that,” she says. “It was the worst vacation of my life.”
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“Now I know what it’s like to be in hell”

expressjetOh no, they’ve done it again.

Passengers on ExpressJet Airlines flight 2816 from Houston to Minneapolis spent the night trapped inside a small airplane parked at the Rochester, Minn., airport, “complete with crying babies and the aroma of over-used toilets,” according to reports. After being released, they were reportedly “quarantined” at the airport terminal until they re-boarded the aircraft.

If this doesn’t give a boost to the proponents of a three-hour tarmac delay rule, nothing will. But first, let’s hear from one of the passengers on the flight.
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