How to survive an “enhanced” TSA pat-down

It happened to me yesterday. I got my first “enhanced” pat-down.

One minute I was loading my laptop, shoes and liquids into bins on the conveyer belt at Washington National airport, and the next moment, an agent was pointing me toward an empty full-body scanner.

“No, thank you,” I said.

And then I felt my heart beginning to pound.
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TSA: Enhanced pat-downs coming nationwide Oct. 31?

When it comes to the Transportation Security Administration’s new security measures, it’s hard to know who to believe anymore.

Take enhanced pat-downs. A few months ago, I asked the TSA if it was was giving people who refused the full-body scans a more thorough once-over. It denied it.

Then it un-denied it, admitting that it had been testing a more aggressive pat-down technique.

So when I asked TSA about what reader Andrew Burmeister heard when he was flying last week, I had to read between the lines. Here’s what he told me:
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