A personal invitation to join the Inner Circle now

The consumer advocacy you see on this site may be free, but it’s not cheap.

Everything you see is funded by individual supporters like you. And if it weren’t for the cases we resolve and cover here every day — your cases — this would be just another navel-gazing complaint blog.

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Did you know?

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you probably think you know a lot about the advocacy work we do here every day.
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Who do you support?

I was going to start this story with a list of today’s amazing prizes that we’re giving away to new underwriters, like your choice of a new Fodor’s guidebook. Or a Comuse Travel’s Time to Take a Map necklace.

But then, on day two of our fundraiser, a long-time reader asked me a question that demanded a public answer: Who do you support?
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