My son got sick in our hotel room. Now the manager wants me to pay for the damage

During her Sheraton hotel stay, Anna Eardley’s son becomes “sick” all over the room. She spends the rest of the night trying to clean up the problem, leaves a hefty tip for the maid and then dashes home. When she receives an angry call from the hotel manager telling her that she’s responsible for replacing the entire room’s carpet, she worriedly contacts us for help.

I didn’t smoke in my room. Why is Hilton charging me a $250 cleaning fee?

To celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary, Armen and Anna Balyan checked into the Hilton Garden Inn in Calabasas, Calif. When they checked out, they were surprised by an unwanted gift from the hotel: a $250 cleaning fee for allegedly smoking in their hotel room. Balyan says they didn’t do it.

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