Air France offered us an upgrade — then it didn’t

To the back of the plane with you! / Photo by Pat Card - Flickr
Brian Lee and Alisha Singh were looking forward to their Air France flight the same way all of us used to anticipate flying, and a few of us still do.

They were traveling from New York to Paris on an Air France Airbus A380, the famous double-decker superjumbo, and in premium economy class. “We were very excited,” he says.

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Is this enough compensation? A mechanical flight delay, an automatic mileage credit

What does your airline owe you when your flight is delayed?

Airline terms and conditions — those difficult-to-read contracts of carriages — are often unclear or don’t address a specific type of delay. And if you’re flying to Europe, as Candice Sabatini was, there’s also EU 261, the much-discussed consumer protection law. But that’s widely interpreted as applying to flights from or within a EU member state.

Sabatini is a frequent reader of this site, and her recent American Airlines flight from New York to Paris was held up for mechanical reasons. One other thing to know about her is that she’s a gold-level elite customer booked in business class, so American should want to make her very happy.

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