Airberlin is out of business. How can I get a refund?

Kurt Piemonte is annoyed when Expedia calls to tell him that his upcoming Airberlin flight to Barcelona has been canceled. He requests the next available flight and is stunned to find that there aren’t any — ever again. And a new shock quickly follows: A refund will not be forthcoming. Is there anything we can do to help?

Will this traveler ever see her Alitalia compensation?

Chantal Legge is supposed to fly to Toronto on an Alitalia flight from Rome, but the flight is canceled, and Alitalia rebooks her for the next day. But the new flight is overbooked. Legge ends up flying through Boston to get to Toronto. Alitalila promises compensation, but doesn’t deliver. Can we help Legge get what she is due?

US Airways, United are closest to the bankruptcy cliff

It’s no secret that the airline industry has seen better days. But how bad is it? Not as bad as the mainstream media would like us to believe, according to airline analyst Robert Herbst, who publishes the Web site And not so good that we shouldn’t be cautious with future bookings, he adds.

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