She got a great Ticketmaster deal — for the wrong date

Susan Brett and her friend feel like they’ve swallowed a bottle of Felix Felicis (liquid luck). They’ve scored a Ticketmaster deal for hard-to-get tickets for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” for their upcoming visit to New York. But when they look at their email confirmation from Ticketmaster, they feel like they’ve been kissed by dementors. The Ticketmaster confirmation shows the wrong date — a time when they would not be in New York.

Her Sears refund problem ends in a big surprise

Sadie Carr canceled a Sears dishwasher order weeks ago. But the company still has her money. In the meantime, she goes into the store and buys another appliance. But this Sears refund problem has a surprising conclusion.

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If you clicked on this story for your “free” gift card, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. I’ve issued plenty of warnings about “free” products and some of you, dear readers, think I’ve gone too far.

After all, aren’t some of the best things in life free?


The Queen of Cleaning just made a big mess with this deal

Pat Bowes uses Angie’s List to purchase eight hours of housekeeping at a discounted rate. But her housekeeper marks the not-yet-used deal “used” without doing any work for Bowes. Can our advocates clean up this messy situation and secure a refund for Bowes?

Can Invitation Homes charge him $3,600 for breaking the lease?

Kevin Shaw’s property management company wants him to pay $3,600 for breaking his lease, even though it told him he could do it. Now, a year and a half later, they’re sending his case to a collection agency. Can this late bill be fixed?

Los Angeles Singles never found her love. Refund, please!

Suzanne Lee finds the Los Angeles dating scene hard to navigate so she decides to hire a matchmaking service to help the process along. She pays $2,000 to Los Angeles Singles and then prepares to meet her Mr. Right. Things don’t go as planned and now she wants a refund for this expensive dating service disaster. But is this just buyer’s remorse?

Will his failed Capital One chargeback end in a $4,800 loss?

When Simon Khin decides to purchase ground coffee worth $48 at the end of his recent plantation tour in Bali, he is startled to discover that he has actually been charged $4,800. But what was more shocking to Khin was Capital One’s refusal to permanently reverse this fraudulent charge.

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