Vijay Khasat wants his defective mattress replaced. Yes, it's old -- very old. But he says Sealy gave him a 20-year warranty and he wants a new mattress.

How do I get Sealy to replace my defective mattress?

Don’t look now, but chances are your mattress is covered by a ridiculously long warranty. Or so you might think. But Vijay Khasat recently found out what Sealy meant by “20 years” when he tried to get the company to replace what he claims is a defective mattress.

It turns out 20 years is not 20 years, at least in the traditional, dictionary-definition sense. His odyssey to replace a bad mattress is a reminder for all of us to read the fine print on your warranty. (The mattress police won’t save you, but maybe my advocacy team can help.)