You’ll never believe what I found on the other side of Reno

Reno, Nev., used to be my favorite road stop on the way to Lake Tahoe. I had a preferred 7-11 service station where I could check the tread on my snow tires and fuel up, an In-N-Out Burger joint, and within a few minutes, I was on my way to some of the world’s best skiing. Read more “You’ll never believe what I found on the other side of Reno”

A few secrets about asking you probably don’t know

Dan KosmairShutterstock
Dan KosmairShutterstock
Although Vivian Olds’ customer-service problem is pretty common, the solution isn’t.

This spring, she made a reservation at an independent motel in South Lake Tahoe, Calif. If you’ve ever been to this part of California, you probably know that it’s beautiful, but that the quality of accommodations can be variable.

Olds reserved a room at a hotel that was on the not-so-good side of that variable. She prepaid $148 for a motel that, once she tried to check in, she discovered was “totally unsuitable.”
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Talking social media in Lake Tahoe

There’s no more breathtaking view from a ski slope than the one you get on a crystal-clear day from Heavenly Ski Resort.

I’m here to speak on a travel industry panel at Snowcial, a social media and skiing conference. No, I’m not making this up. This is Snowcial’s third year.

Anyway, about that view. I’ve skied in some beautiful places before — the Alps, the Rockies, and even
Le Massif in Québec, which overlooks the St. Lawrence River. But nothing in the world can compare to the mesmerizing view of Lake Tahoe we had yesterday.

If only we could have such a clear view of the future, when it comes to social media.
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