Help! My Facebook account’s been hacked

PiXXart /
PiXXart /

Jan Walker’s friends are getting emails from someone else pretending to be her. Now Facebook has gone into radio silence and won’t help her shut down the impostor account. How do you get rid of your evil online twin?

Question: I’m writing to you because someone recently opened a new Facebook account under my name and I can’t get Facebook to close it. That person has contacted my friends and tried to defraud them. I’ve enclosed a document with the correspondence.

As you can see, it seems that some of my friends have come perilously close to getting defrauded. I attempted to report and disable the impersonated account, but accidentally entered the wrong confirmation number when I received a verification email from Facebook. I asked for a resend, but the message says several attempts to resend have failed. I never received any new number.