Why can’t I get a refund for my involuntary downgrade?

Leah and John Tall book code-shared business class flights on British Airways. But their itinerary doesn’t provide the minimum connection time required during their return trip. They find themselves seated in economy class, and the airlines involved won’t refund their involuntary downgrade. Can our advocate help the Talls get their money back?

This is another hotel horror story. How about an Amex refund?

When Angela Chen arrives late in the evening to her scheduled motel, she is surprised by the locked front door. Eventually, some other guests allow her in, but that’s just the beginning of this nightmare hotel experience. Now she wants American Express to give her a refund for this stay. Should it?

An Expedia error, a canceled vacation and a $1,300 loss? Not so fast!

Sheila Couch is looking forward to a tropical island getaway with her beau when a work-related emergency puts a sudden end to their plans. Believing that the Expedia insurance she had purchased will protect her prepaid fees for this trip, she files a claim for a refund. But will an Expedia error lead to a $1,300 loss?

An Expedia error sent me on a one-way trip to the Bahamas

Mohammad Samadpouriejavid plans to take a winter break and spend a few days on the warm, sunny beaches of the Bahamas. He’s not intending to stay indefinitely. So when an Expedia error schedules him on a one-way journey with no return, he needs our help.

Can I get a Spirit Airlines refund? Nicaragua is in a deadly crisis

Nicaragua is in a deadly crisis. But Gregory Green planned his family’s summer vacation there months before the turmoil began. When he receives a rejection of his Spirit Airlines refund request, he turns to the Elliott Advocacy team. Can we help?

His Airbnb nightmare: He found blood and urine on the mattress!

Koji Kawana and his family are looking forward to an exciting five days in New York City. The group has a tight schedule with plenty of activities planned. However, he hasn’t planned for the Airbnb nightmare that is about to confront him. When Kawana pulls back the sheets on the beds in their rental, he discovers blood and urine staining both mattresses. So why won’t Airbnb refund his money for this horrible rental?

I witnessed a murder and I needed to cancel my Spirit flights

After witnessing a horrific crime in front of her home, Holly Jackson needed to cancel the Spirit Airlines tickets she purchased through CheapOair.com. The online travel agency wouldn’t help her, and Spirit initially said it “couldn’t” help her. Now what?

Hey Tripmasters, could you please talk to me?

Jocelyn Wong-Rolle’s husband’s name is misspelled on his air ticket, purchased through Tripmasters. “We’re working on it” is the only response Wong-Rolle receives to a name change request. Since Tripmasters won’t talk to Wong-Rolle, will it talk to our advocates and do the name change?

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