It’s been an incredible year for consumer advocacy. Here are a few numbers that’ll blow you away.

It’s been an incredible year for consumer advocacy. Beyond what anyone could have imagined.

My advocacy team and I are shocked by this year’s numbers — but in a good way. We’ve welcomed more visitors to the site, come to the aid of more readers, and had more help from you, our valued supporters.

In short, it’s been the best year ever. Read more “It’s been an incredible year for consumer advocacy. Here are a few numbers that’ll blow you away.”

What do Competitours, G1G, and the Orlando CVB have in common?

They’re the newest corporate underwriters of this Web site and e-mail newsletter.

I wanted to take a moment to thank them for their support. If it weren’t for them, as well as the hundreds of individual underwriters, none of this would be possible.

I’m thrilled to have as a supporter not only for this site, but for my new family travel site. As many of you know, I’m based in Orlando, so I know all the destination has to offer. Orlando is promoting its Deal of the Week every Friday April 3 through June 30. You can also experience Orlando in pictures and video at our site, Souvenirist.

G1G returns as an underwriter after a one-year absence. It’s good timing. With all the recent questions about insurance, G1G is a place you can turn to. G1G is the household name in global travel protection. I’m happy to welcome G1G back as a supporter of this site.

Finally, I’m very happy to have Competitours on board as a supporter. For those of you who don’t know Competitours, it’s the ‘Amazing Race’ for regular people. It offers a secret European itinerary and fun, quirky challenges. There are no auditions, no intrusive cameras, no extreme stunts, and no eliminations. To compete, all you need to do is be creative and resourceful, a bit zany — but not speedy or strong. Sounds like my kinda vacation!

If your company would like to become an underwriter of this site, please contact me directly for rates.