“I wasted my time again!”

Kerry Wilton is mad at this site. She had a problem with a business, turned to our advocacy team for help, and didn’t like our answer.
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These airlines have the longest “hold” times

Airlines love to put their customers on “hold,” but some are worst than others. Just ask Robert Pearce, who recently tried to reach United Airlines to cancel a flight.
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The smarter consumer: How to avoid being put on “hold” forever

Tonya Davis of Rainham, England, was just trying to unfreeze her Internet connection when she phoned Virgin Media at 11 p.m. one evening.

Her call was routed to an overseas call center and disconnected several times. She went to sleep listening to “hold” music. When she woke up, the music was still playing, much to her amazement. She says Virgin answered the phone at 11 a.m. the next morning.

When she told a supervisor about her lengthy hold time, he responded, “Oh my God, seriously?”
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A quicker complaint fixer: How to speed up the resolution process

Why does it take forever and a day to get an answer to a customer service complaint?

Like reader Michael Trout, who filed countless grievances and waited a year before his auto insurance claim was processed. Or William Osuna, whose airline ticket took almost two years to get refunded. (Ironically, or perhaps appropriately, the airline is now out of business.)

Truth is, many customer inquiries are addressed quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction. A 2010 survey found that 75 percent of all call center questions were resolved in a single conversation. And not only that, but they were fixed quickly – it took less than 30 seconds to answer the call and slightly more than five minutes, on average, to address the problem.

Not bad.
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Sent back to square one on a ticket refund — what’s next?

At what point in the ticket refund game do you say “enough”? After a year? Two years? Or is it the amount of hassle that makes you throw your hands in the air in exasperation?

Sometimes it’s a combination of time and trouble, and Mindy Farabee has both.

Last May, she applied for a ticket refund from Air France, a process that would take no more than three months, she was promised. At the end of July, she contacted the airline again to determine the status of the refund.

I have talked to three people, one of whom says he has never heard of the person helping me although he’s been in web support for years. The last person I talked to said they have no record at all of my refund request. I was given a new fax number and told to start over.

As they say in France, c’est ridicule!
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