Wireless company failed to deliver modem, then pocketed my money

Klaus Schuller’s wireless modem doesn’t arrive before his trip to Europe. It doesn’t arrive while he’s in Europe. Instead, it’s waiting for him when he gets home. Why can’t he get a refund for a hotspot he never got to use?

Question: I recently had a terrible experience with a company called TEP Wireless, and I need your help. TEP rents a wireless modem that connects any Wi-Fi enabled device when you’re traveling internationally.

Two days before a recent international trip, the device had not arrived, despite being booked months in advance, so I contacted TEP via email. They replied promptly that my device would be shipped the next day – which means it would arrive after my departure.

Not good.

I contacted TEP again, and they said “No problem, we’ll ship it directly to your hotel in Europe instead.” Great. Except that it didn’t arrive.