In travel, we don’t just tolerate bad behavior — we celebrate it

A few thoughts on two items in the news this morning: Charlie Sheen’s rampage at the Plaza Hotel and Steven Slater’s tell-all interview on Larry King’s program last night.

Is it me, or have we started to idolize people who behave badly when they travel?

Sheen reportedly made a mess of his room at a swanky Manhattan hotel earlier this week. The troubled actor went into a naked rage fueled by booze and blow, police sources said.

And celebrity ex-flight attendant Steven Slater, who jumped out of a parked plane after an altercation with a customer, had his first interview since his plea deal last week, appearing on CNN. Asked if he had been rude to passengers, Slater responded, “I wouldn’t deny that one bit. I’m sure my service was less than stellar that day.”

Our reaction? We’re kinda fascinated by it. Slater’s interview is making its rounds in the travel blogosphere this morning, though not to the same extent as the gossip sites are all over Sheen’s latest escapades.
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What a great idea! Honor your crew — wear a tie when you fly

Yesterday’s rant about rude passengers in my MSNBC column drew a suggestion from a reader that I wanted to share with you. It came from James Phillippe, who, like many of us, is tired of air travelers who misbehave.

He writes,

I have experienced the inconsiderate traveler many times. I don’t have a forum to say or do anything about this bad behavior. So I have decided to tell others what I am going to do. I have decided to always wear a tie when I am flying to honor the hard-working flight crews and tell them why I am wearing it.

I have decided to make it a bright red one so others won’t miss it. Please forward this idea to other guys and help me spread the word. I don’t know what to ask the girls to wear, but maybe a red bow would be good.

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