Three strikes and this Sony phone is out! Or is it?

Andrew Ashcroft’s Sony smartphone keeps breaking down. Now he just wants the company to give him a new one or a refund. Is that a reasonable request? Read more “Three strikes and this Sony phone is out! Or is it?”

Why isn’t my Sony laptop “protected”?

When Peter Mescher’s Sony laptop breaks, he’s not worried. His extended warranty covers “accidental” damage. But is that wording in his warranty an accident?
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Whose fault is that crack in my laptop, Sony?

Pavel Ignatov/Shutterstock
Pavel Ignatov/Shutterstock
Maxim Borodin’s laptop is out of warranty, and that seems to be all the license Sony needs to play games with a repair estimate. Can this computer be saved?

Question: I bought a Sony Vaio laptop last year. Three months ago one piece broke inside, and a month later, there was a horizontal crack on the screen. However, I still was able to use my laptop.

I sent my laptop to Sony, and they wanted $500 to repair it. I told them I’d rather purchase the part and replace it myself. But when I got my item back from Sony, there was another vertical crack on the screen, which totally disabled my laptop. I can’t use it right now.
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What’s your problem? A black mark against Sony for losing my camera

Question: I’m having a dispute is with Sony over a repaired camera that they say they shipped back to me but which I never received.

Last year I paid $304 for a Sony Cyber-shot DSCWX5 Silver 12.2 MP 5X Zoom Digital Camera.

A few weeks ago, after black marks began appearing on the images, I filed a warranty repair claim. The LCD screen was defective.

According to Sony’s online records, they completed the repair and shipped the camera back to me. Their website provided me with a FedEx tracking number. But the tracking number appeared invalid as no matching record could be found.

I called Sony and was given a different tracking number, which also confirmed that the camera had been delivered. But it hadn’t.

I checked with FedEx, and it says the package had been left at my front door with no signature requirement. No one had knocked at the door, and besides, how they could ship a $300 camera and not require a signature upon delivery?

The camera has been missing for weeks. Every time I call, Sony says it is “looking into it” and someone will get back to me. When I ask for the call to be escalated, a supervisor suggests I should call FedEx.

Isn’t it the shipper’s responsibility to contact FedEx? My contract was with Sony, not FedEx.

I am so frustrated with this, as it seems I’m just going around and around in circles, and all Sony can do is recite the tracking details back to me. I fear that they won’t call me back, and even if they do, it will just be to tell me the same thing again. Please tell me where I can go from here! — Thomas Hill, Miami

Answer: Sony should have returned your camera by FedEx with a signature required, and when it got lost, it should have taken the matter up with its shipping company — not asked you to pester the shipper for the package.
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