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While many of us are technologically savvy and can instantly recognize an email or internet scam, there is a vulnerable population that can’t. Here’s a story for my 86-year-old grandmother and the rest of the internet users who aren’t familiar with the nefarious threats lurking online, but should be. Read more “No, don’t click on that link!”

TSA Watch: They never warned us about the octogenarian jihadists

The 91-year-old woman was blind and in a wheelchair, but that didn’t stop the TSA agents in Seattle from giving her a thorough screening. A very thorough screening.

“They made her get out of the wheelchair,” her daughter told me. “They made her walk to the body scanner, stand and then walk through. They absolutely would not let her have just a pat-down. Then they proceeded to take everything from her carry-on and wipe it down for explosives. I was furious, but feared saying anything because all I wanted to do was get her home.”
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