Please vote now for your favorite car rental company

What’s your favorite car rental company?

This week, I’m resuming my Elliott’s List feature by asking you to vote on your the car company you prefer when you travel. Which agency offers the best service and prices and stands behind its products without dinging you for unwanted insurance or damage claims? In other words, which one do you turn to when you need a set of wheels?
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Please vote for your favorite Twitter personality

Here you go! These are the finalists for your favorite Twitter personality of 2012 list.

I appreciate your help in narrowing the list down to 24 nominees. There were many deserving candidates.

Now it’s your turn to vote. The top 12 will make the final list. Polling ends on Black Friday, Nov. 25.

Good luck.

(Photo: Paul Snelling/Flickr)

By a wide margin, US Airways is your least favorite airline

The results of our weekend survey are in, and they’re a little bit of a bombshell. I asked you to name your least favorite major domestic airline, and the fact that US Airways won is no surprise.

But the fact that it won by such a margin was something of a shocker, at least to me.

With 631 ballots cast over three days, almost 34 percent of the votes went to US Airways. American Airlines was the runner-up, with 20 percent. United Airlines (19 percent) Delta Air Lines (17 percent) and Southwest Airlines (9 percent) rounded out the bottom.

The least least favorite airline? JetBlue Airways, with just 2 percent of the vote.

Let’s go straight to your comments.
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