Ridiculous or not? Housekeeping secrets of your hotel towels

Christa Webster doesn’t trust her hotel towels. And with good reason.

She lived in a hotel for a year and a half, and still travels frequently. Webster says just because the towel is folded on the rack doesn’t mean it’s clean. Once unfurled, she, like other hotel guests I’ve spoken with, has discovered the towel in various states of uncleanliness — soiled, discolored or covered with hair.

“I inspect them carefully and then wet the ones I’m getting rid of to make sure they give me new ones,” she says.

I recently investigated the hygiene of hotel sheets on this site and found that while most linens are changed between guests, some aren’t. After the series, readers urged me to look at towels, too. They said towels could be a far bigger problem, since hotels often urge guests to recycle those items.

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