Who will protect you?

These are challenging times to be a customer.

Congress just repealed many of the necessary financial reforms enacted after 2008 financial crisis. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau seems to be on the endangered species list. They’re coming for us, no question about it.

And who will protect you? Lawmakers and an unashamedly pro-business administration seem more interested in economic growth than your welfare. Regulators are being ordered to stand down instead of enforcing laws. And soon, the courts could be filled with appointees who will look the other way when people are wronged.

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So who will help?

I will. We will. My team of advocates stands ready to defend the defenseless, using the power of the pen to even the playing field.

You can help, too. As you probably know, we’re starting week two of our spring fundraiser. So far, we’ve raised $2,675, but we have a long way to go before we reach the $25,000 we need to keep the site running.

Before I go on, here’s how to get involved in this year’s fundraiser.

You’re not the only one who wants a better, more fair world. I’m honored to be joined by this week’s featured sponsor, Pomchies, an innovative and forward-looking company based in my home state of Arizona that wants to help consumers.

If you become an underwriter this week, you’ll be eligible for either a Pom ID tags or a Key Keeper, both of which are excellent travel companions. I’m giving away these premiums to select new underwriters.

Let’s make Ponchies a symbol of consumer empowerment — a way of showing that you support the ongoing consumer advocacy on this site.

There’s never been a better time to support the advocacy work. The opposition has a war chest of billions to spend on the best lobbyists in Washington and to flood the airwaves with deceptive ads. But together, we can strike a blow against corporate greed and irresponsible deregulation.