Pomchies are all about consumer advocacy

Are you wearing this symbol of resistance?

It’s become a tradition to start our fundraiser by giving away Pomchies travel accessories. And while the company offers “quality products that bring fun and spirit to life,” you should not let appearances fool you. Pomchies is all about consumer advocacy, too.

I know because I recently visited Heather Logan, the company’s co-founder, in Phoenix. (That’s her with my daughter, who is also wearing a lot of Pomchies products). I love visiting this site’s sponsors. I’ll tell you how that went in a minute.

Elliott Advocacy is underwritten by Fareportal. Fareportal’s portfolio of brands, which include CheapOair and OneTravel, are dedicated to helping customers enjoy their trip. Whether you want to call, click, or use one of our travel apps, one thing is clear: We make it easy to take it easy.

But first things first: If you sign up as a supporter now during our fundraiser, your name will go into a drawing for Pomchies POM ID (great for your luggage) and POM Keyper. I’m giving away as many of these as Heather lets me.

OK, I know you’re not supporting this site for the giveaways. There are so many reasons why you need to be an underwriter of this nonprofit consumer advocacy organization. The accessories, airline tickets, and luggage are a nice bonus.

How Pomchies became a symbol of resistance

But Pomchies is special because when you’re at the airport, and you see another passenger with a POM ID, you might be looking at a fellow supporter of this site. POM has become a symbol of resistance against awful customer service and a beacon of empowerment for consumers everywhere.

When I visited with Heather at her office, I asked her what she thought of people using her product in that way. She was delighted.

And with good reason. She’s a frequent air traveler and understands all too well the frustrations of this site’s readers (and let’s face it, we’ve been pretty heavy on the airline cases lately). Heather commutes to Vietnam regularly to visit her factory. That’s more than 20 hours of flying with stops in Los Angeles and Tokyo, and plenty of opportunities to experience the horrors of modern-day airline service.

The Pomchies’ offices are cool. There’s a giant warehouse filled with product, a resident puppy named Coco, and citrus trees along the wall. My kids had a great time, and we can’t wait to visit with her again.

Will you stand with the resistance?

Will you stand with the resistance today? I don’t mean that politically, although we are certainly in an interesting place right now. I’ll leave that discussion for another day. No, by that I mean, will you stand with us today against the terrible customer service, substandard products, and you-get-what-you-pay-for attitude that’s infected corporate America?

If the answer is yes, then please consider becoming an underwriter now. Your support will help fund this ad-free website and the free advocacy we do every day.

I think we’ve been complacent for too long. That’s true for a lot of consumer products, but for airlines in particular. We accept the new fees and restrictions, as well as the airline industry’s lame excuses that passengers “asked for it” by demanding low fares. No other business could get away with that kind of reprehensible, anti-consumer behavior. And no other industry could convince its customers that they “asked” for junk fees.

It’s just absurd. And it’s time for a change.

I know that the resistance is working because I hear from airline insiders, and others, who confirm that they hate having a watchdog guarding their customers. Even now, they are furious that I blew the whistle on their secret efforts to erase the few federal consumer laws on the books.

Are you with me? Are part of the resistance? If you’re reading this now, I’m betting the answer is “yes.”

So join me now, please. Become an supporter. This week, your name will go into a drawing for Pomchies merchandise.

Wear it with pride. Because you’re part of the resistance!