2020 Underwriters

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Here’s a list of our 2020 underwriters. Thank you for your support!

The following individuals have distinguished themselves as supporters of quality online journalism by underwriting this site.


Inner Circle members are charter supporters who pledge between $500 and $1,500 per year, either as a one-time donation or on a monthly basis.

Advocate (over $1,500)

Curator ($750 to $1,490)

Supporter ($500 to $740)


Underwriters are key supporters who make one or more contributions to the advocacy cause during our semi-annual fundraisers. Underwriters are eligible for premium giveaways and receive a special, underwriters-only newsletter.

Patron (over $150)

Michael Dannhauser
Gary McCann
Scott Jordan
⭒ Stephanus Surjaputra
Howard Tharp

Benefactor ($75 to $149)

⭒ Chris Brown
Gene Folden
John Hahn
Miriam Sundram

Associate ($74 and under)

Jeffrey Baumeister
Howard Berlin
Julio Garcia
Midori Harada
Vijay Khasat
Paul Watkins
Izzy Zalcberg

⭒ multiple donations during a year.
• supporter during spring fundraiser.
✓ supporter during fall fundraiser.