2019 Underwriters

Here’s a list of our 2019 underwriters. Thank you for your support!

The following individuals have distinguished themselves as supporters of quality online journalism by underwriting this site.


Inner Circle members are charter supporters who pledge between $500 and $1,500 per year, either as a one-time donation or on a monthly basis.

Advocate (over $1,500)

Debi Kalaritis

Curator ($750 to $1,490)

Miriam Sundram

Supporter ($500 to $740)

Patricia Trueblood


Underwriters are key supporters who make one or more contributions to the advocacy cause during our semi-annual fundraisers. Underwriters are eligible for premium giveaways and receive a special, underwriters-only newsletter.

Patron (over $150)

Frank Abate
Kathryn Binau
David Carden
Brian Flanagan
Thomas Hopkins
Mary Shaw
Steve Surjaputra

Benefactor ($75 to $149)

Nanci Alexander
Andrw Brown
Elaine George
Jim Johnson
Anne Little
Richard Martin
Carol McLaughlin
Frank Neely
Jeff Reed
Jennifer Schneider
Talarczyk Family
Neil Russell Wayne
Gregory Wood

Associate ($74 and under)

Bonnie Balach
Laura Bladel
Jennifer Breininger
Linda Brewer
JT Browning
Gail Cunard
Donald Day
Anthony Delas
Ira Dinnes
Nataliya Epelman
Henry Fielding
Doug Foglesong
Bridgett Jackson-Goode
Carol Gracia
David Guggenhime
Keith Hambright
Sherel Hayes
Tom Hayes
Ed Horenburger
Eddie Joseph
Gary Kolb
Shirley Kroot
Sandra Lederman
Jennifer Lehman
Ellen Lyons
Steven Marinoff
Liz Montaigne
Stephanie Mendenhall
Ralph Miller
Glenn Mott
Milton Nuckols
Gary Oliver
Dan Presser
Pfizer Foundation
Bernard Schumacher
Donna Shelton
Stacie Williams
Jay Wolitz
William Wood
Rebecca Yonker

⭒ multiple donations during a year.
• supporter during spring fundraiser.
✓ supporter during fall fundraiser.