2006 underwriters

The following individuals have distinguished themselves as supporters of quality online travel journalism by underwriting this Web site.

Patron (over $100)

Kenneth Akin
Susan Mactavish Best
Carver Clark Farrow
Steven A. Kamerance
Robert Johnson
Ellen Karaffa-Taylor
John Larson
Sandy Pringle

Benefactor ($51 to $100)

Nigel Appleby
Gordon Armstrong
Desiree Bowman
Susan Bradford-Moore
Susanne Canavan
Linda Cane
Carolyn Charney
Bobbie Fischler
Joyce Gad
Jeff Hyman
Jonathan Kandell
Marjorie Purnell
Sonia Roth
Mary Staley
Sonia Vining
Carolyn Walsh
M J Williams
Alicia Nieva-Woodgate

Associate ($50 and under)

Karin Amour
Nici Bainton
C. Blizzard Jr.
Vicki Burton
Lila Davis
Sabrina Deitch
Joel Glickman
Donald Hadland
Marcy Harbut
Don Jancauskas
Bud Johnson
Joyce Ann Johnson
Dean Kato
Karen Kinnane
Charles Lichtenwalner
Larry Loenhorst
Brian Meek
Kevin Morgan
Dale Otterman
Jon E. Roewer
Candice Sabatini
Joan Schmelzle
Richard B. Seeno
Richard Sollberger
Louise Stanek
Stephanus Surjaputra
John Ursu Jr.
Richard Wong

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