WOW, where is my baggage fee refund?

Jacqueline Heller is bumped from a flight that’s overbooked, but she can’t get the airline to refund her baggage fee. Can our advocates help?

Question: My daughter and I purchased tickets on WOW Air to fly from Miami to Berlin. We flew from Atlanta to Miami on Delta Air Lines to make the WOW flight. After arriving in Miami, we were told that the flight was overbooked. We spent three days in a hotel and flew back to Atlanta on American Airlines.

WOW never contacted us, so we filed a claim. After waiting more than 10 weeks, WOW reimbursed us for the flight and paid us 600 euros (about $703) because of EU261 regulations. But, it did not refund the $110 luggage fee. WOW never touched our luggage, and we paid for a service that we never got. WOW should refund the baggage fee and reimburse us for the cost of the tickets to fly to and from Miami to Atlanta. Can you help? — Jacqueline Heller, Acworth, Ga.

Answer: When WOW overbooked the flight and bumped you and your daughter, you were both entitled to a refund of the full amount that you had paid WOW. That includes the pre-paid baggage fees. The refund should have been automatic, and you shouldn’t have had to seek help to get your money back.

But, before asking for help from our advocates, you could have tried to contact executives from the airline for help. Our website lists executive contact information for WOW Air. A polite email to one of the airline’s executives may have resulted in the refund. And, you could have posted your question to our help forums. Our forums, which are staffed by travel industry experts, and often read by company executives. Our forum advocates may have given you helpful advice about resolving the issue.

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You also asked our advocates to help you get reimbursed for the cost of the round-trip flights to and from Miami. Our advocates declined to assist you with that part of your request because WOW isn’t responsible for your cost to get to the city where its flight originates. Our advocates contacted WOW on your behalf and it informed us that you would receive the refund for the baggage fees. We’re happy that we could help with that resolution.

Diane Perera

Diane and her family love to travel, and they do so as much as they can. Having experienced the downside of travel, and having learned so much from, led Diane to become an advocate and to help fight the good fight. Read more of Diane's articles here.

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