One return booking, but double bag charges on Spirit. What’s with these low-cost airlines, anyway?

Kathleen Hull flies once on Spirit but is charged twice for her baggage. What’s going on here? And can her online travel agency help her sort it out?

Question: I recently booked a round-trip flight from Philadelphia to Orlando, Fla., on Spirit Airlines through Expedia. Both flights were one-stop flights, with one difference: I was charged twice for the same number of checked bags on the return flight.

Neither Expedia nor Spirit seems to view this as an issue. Spirit insists that the return was ticketed as two separate segments. Can you help? — Kathleen Hull, Orlando, Fla.

Dan Church

I'm a retired publicist and news executive who now collects and restores mid-1800-century houses. Two editorials that I wrote earned a Pulitzer Prize ... for my editor.

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