Elliott’s E-Mail: Help, a scammer wants to kill me, a report from Redmond, a missed cruise but no refund

Hello from Redmond, Ore., where our cameras are working overtime to capture this remarkable part of the country. I’ve enclosed a video we posted yesterday of horseback riding here at the Eagle Crest Resort, but as always, you can find more on our family travel blog.

On a more serious note, would a scammer every try to kill you? That’s what one reader is afraid of, and it’s a fear not one to be taken lightly. I try to help him in my weekly Mint.com column.

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On Elliott. She had to cancel her yoga retreat, but now the resort wants to charge her extra. Is that fair? I ask — and answer — the question in this week’s Travel Troubleshooter case. Plus, his travel insurance denied his claim after his mother-in-law died. Did it make the right call?

Also, one customer’s La-Z-Boy sofa smelled funny and now she wants a refund. Can she get one, or is she stuck with an olfactory disaster? And finally, is Eurostar being “unnecessarily greedy” by charging someone three times for a ticket? Join the lively debate here.

Elsewhere. In this Sunday’s Washington Post, I feature a passenger who missed her cruise because of an unfortunate, and entirely avoidable, paperwork problem. On the Huffington Post, I wonder if the TSA is becoming its own worst enemy. Congress seems to think so, but what’s your opinion? On Frommers, I ask: Whatever happened to the journey? (This was supposed to be my farewell column, so it’s a little deep.)

On Away is Home. Here’s our first report from Yellowstone National Park, where the kids all got their “junior ranger” designation. (Not an easy task!) And Aren reports on a hike to Friendship Tower in Deadwood, S.D.

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Have an awesome week, everyone. Safe travels!