Is Expedia’s “Best Price Guarantee” for real?

Mimi Tays tries for Expedia’s “Best Price Guarantee” on a trip from Seattle to San José del Cabo, Mexico, but receives repeated delays and denials. Is this case headed for the recycler?

Question: I recently applied for Expedia’s “Best Price Guarantee” after booking a package reservation to San José del Cabo, Mexico.

My flight and hotel dates and times were exactly the same. Expedia denied my request by stating that Expedia’s cancellation policy and Hotwire’s cancellation policy were not exactly the same. They were almost word for word.

I feel that they are using this “Best Price Guarantee” as a tactic to get people to come to their site. I have emailed numerous times back and forth and am currently on hold with them (have been for 30 minutes).

Expedia told me the decision was “final,” and I asked for proof that they actually ever honor a best price claim. I was put off with stock answers that were not even what I was asking and finally was transferred to someone who supposedly could provide some sort of proof. That is who I have been holding for. They keep picking up (I can hear the call center in the background), but no one is talking and I just keep getting put back on hold. I think they are trying to see if I will just give up and hang up.

I would like my money refunded. And if not, then at least some sort of proof to show this is not a scam and that people do actually get money refunded. — Mimi Tays, Granite Falls, Wash.

Answer: I can assure you that Expedia’s “Best Price Guarantee” is real. (Scroll to the bottom of this story if you don’t believe me.) The question is: Is it real for you?

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It’s true, in order for the guarantee to be successfully invoked, you have to present Expedia with an exact match.

Quoting directly from the terms:

The Best Price Guarantee is available only for exact itinerary matches. For example, the specific airline and cabin class (First, Business, Premium Economy or Coach/Economy), hotel (including room type), ship and cabin category, rental car company and vehicle class, applicable refund policy, and the exact same dates and times of travel or service as booked through

For any stand-alone product booking (for example, a hotel room or an airline ticket), the comparison must be to the same product purchased stand-alone through another website (i.e., not part of a hotel + air travel package).

Here’s where Expedia split hairs. It claims the product wasn’t an exact match because the cancellation policies were an imprecise match — a fine distinction, indeed. And it becomes an even finer one when you consider that Expedia owns Hotwire.

In other words, Expedia has ensured it won’t ever have to price-match its Hotwire inventory by changing the fine print in its own terms. How clever!

Or not.

Our advocacy team didn’t think Expedia was abiding by the spirit of its “Best Price Guarantee.” You could have contacted an executive at the online travel agency — we list the names and numbers on my advocacy site — but after reviewing your paperwork, we felt you’d endured enough.

We contacted Expedia on your behalf. The company agreed to reopen your Best Price Guarantee claim, and after carefully reviewing it, Expedia approved your request for refund of the difference in price. You’ve received a $121 refund.

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