Who controls the window shade on your flight?

I don’t mean to start a fight, but people really want to know the answer to this question: Who controls the window shade on your flight? Read more “Who controls the window shade on your flight?”

Which is better: window or aisle?

For air travelers, the choice of economy class airline seat — window or aisle — is an enduring question, if not also a source of countless arguments. And for most of the year, it’s also a highly academic one, since planes are so overbooked that you’re lucky to get any seat. Read more “Which is better: window or aisle?”

When will they finally install my windows?

Robert Manari orders new windows, but after weeks of waiting, his patience has run out. Can these windows be saved?

Question: I’m having some trouble with my window installation, and am hoping you can help.

Last fall, we contracted with a company called Florida Window and Door to have them replace our windows. The project was specifically tied to a completion date of November 30th. They were by far the most expensive, but we made the mistake of trusting a very sweet talking salesman.

The deadline came and passed and they were not even close to having the windows ready, let alone installing them. Meanwhile, they have been trying to blame the delay on my condo association for not complying with one of their requests. However, this only delayed the process by a few days, a week at the very most.
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I canceled my window order, but where’s my refund?

Question: I am at my wits’ end and need your help. I purchased and moved into a “not so new home” this summer. I am a senior on Social Security disability and on a limited income, but I had a little money left over from the sale of my small home in another city, so I decided to put it into more energy efficient windows that would help conserve energy.
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