These airlines have the best Wi-Fi in the world

Three American airlines offer the most onboard wireless Internet connections worldwide, according to new research.
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That’s some wedding present from Verizon Wireless

Megan Murphy gets a huge phone bill from Verizon after her honeymoon in Europe, even though she signed up for its international plan. What went wrong — and how can she fix it? Read more “That’s some wedding present from Verizon Wireless”

Travel upgrades we’d like to see in 2016

Your holiday wish list is a distant memory by now, which is just as well, because you’re probably not getting what you wanted from the travel industry in 2016.
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Should hotels block your Wi-Fi hotspot?

Hilton has become the latest hotel chain to face government fines for allegedly blocking their guests’ personal Wi-Fi hotspots. It joins a growing list of hotel and convention centers that have fallen afoul of federal law, which forbids such activity.
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Beware of travel industry doublespeak

It’s for your own good.

Travelers are hearing these words more often than ever, and they are being applied to increasingly unwelcome scenarios. The latest example: being unable to access WiFi in your hotel without incurring an added charge. In August, the American Hotel & Lodging Association and Marriott filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission asking the government for permission to block wireless devices in hotels.
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