Should hotels block your Wi-Fi hotspot?

Hilton has become the latest hotel chain to face government fines for allegedly blocking their guests’ personal Wi-Fi hotspots. It joins a growing list of hotel and convention centers that have fallen afoul of federal law, which forbids such activity.
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Beware of travel industry doublespeak

It’s for your own good.

Travelers are hearing these words more often than ever, and they are being applied to increasingly unwelcome scenarios. The latest example: being unable to access WiFi in your hotel without incurring an added charge. In August, the American Hotel & Lodging Association and Marriott filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission asking the government for permission to block wireless devices in hotels.
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Let’s set the Wi-Fi free now!

If it’s 2015, then why are hotel guests still doing something so ’90s, like paying extra for an Internet connection?

Charging for wireless access in the 21st century is as silly as it sounds. An Internet connection is so essential, many guests would sooner do without indoor plumbing, electricity or heat in their room. A 2014 survey by found Wi-Fi was the most desirable in-room amenity.
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A few random thoughts about in-flight Wi-Fi, cloud computing and connectivity

Maybe it was the appearance of the fabled Google Phone — also called the Nexus One — over the weekend. Then again, maybe it’s all this recent talk about cloud computing, and the potentially game-changing Chrome operating system.

Could also be the scuttlebutt about the Apple Tablet. Or the fact that I’m writing this from seat 22A on an AirTran flight back to Orlando.
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Is it time for a “Free The Wi-Fi” campaign for hotels?

wifiShould wireless Internet access be free at hotels? A vast majority of guests think so, and now a UK-based blogger is ratcheting up the pressure on hotels to free their Wi-Fi signals once and for all.

Rajul Chande, the editor of, yesterday published an open letter to hotels, demanding they no longer charge for their wireless access points. It seems to be gaining some traction online.
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