Westgate’s “hidden’ resort fees ruined my trip to Las Vegas

Ralph Shaw had never booked a hotel in advance before. His first experience doing so might also be his last. Read more “Westgate’s “hidden’ resort fees ruined my trip to Las Vegas”

Broadsided by a resort fee at the Westgate — can you help me get a refund?

Tamara Myers booked and paid for a room for her mother at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. But when her mother arrived, she had to pay an additional mandatory “resort” fee. Can we get her a refund?
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Westgate promised, but did it deliver?

Westgate promises Matt Solum “free” ski lessons, tickets and cruise vouchers as part of his timeshare purchase. But when it doesn’t deliver, should he get his money back?

Question: My wife, Gwen, and I bought a timeshare from Westgate last December. The location where we purchased was in Park City, Utah, but the week we ended up buying was in Arizona at another Westgate property. We had taken a free two-night stay with the agreement we would sit through a presentation at the end of the stay.

As you can imagine, it was a high pressure sales pitch and there were two people trying to get the sale. They offered us all sorts of incentives to get us to buy and they really seemed like quite a good deal.
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