Top 10 travel blogs of 2010

Here are the top 10 travel blogs of 2010.

1. Gadling
2. Johnny Vagabond
3. Brave New Traveler
4. Airfare Watchdog
5. Consumer Traveler
6. BootsnAll
7. Legal Nomads
8. Everything Everywhere
9. The Middle Seat
10. World Hum
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50 travel blogs I can’t live without

Last year at about this time, I profiled the most influential and inspiring travel blogs of 2007. This year, I’ve combined them into a single list of blogs I can’t live without.

My methodology is simple. I looked at every travel blog I follow from my RSS reader and identified the ones I read the most. Here are the results:

Alaska TravelGram
Almost Fearless
Anders Meanders
Arthur Frommer
Brave New Traveler
Evan Sparks
Everett Potter
Flight Wisdom
Hidden Travel Gems
Hotel Blogs by Guillaume Thevenot
Intelligent Travel
Jeanne Leblanc
Marriott on the Move
Online Travel Review
Peter Greenberg
Rick Seaney
Roads Less Traveled
Safe Cruise
Ship Critic blog
Southwest Airlines
The Cruise Log
The Daily Traveler
The Practical Nomad
This Just In…..
Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations
Towers and Tarmacs
Travel Babel
Travel Gear Blog
Travel Log
Travel Maven blog
Travel Post
Travel Rants
Traveler 2.0
Traveler’s Check
Tripinator – Travel 2.0
Upgrade: travel better
USA Today’s Hotel Hotsheet
World Hum The Middle Seat Terminal

Did I miss any? Please feel free to leave a comment with your favorite travel blog.

The top 8 travel blogs — and why you should care

Who’s got the biggest travel blog? It’s hard to tell — really hard, given the vagaries and imperfections of the blog ranking tools. But with a little research, you can generate a somewhat reliable list.

Here are the eight biggest travel blogs:

1. TravelPod (Technorati authority 3,797; Alexa rank 8,294)

2. Gothamist (Technorati authority 3,375; Alexa rank 12,189)

3. Gadling (Technorati authority 1,622; Alexa rank 14,271)

4. Gridskipper (Technorati authority 1,303; Alexa rank 22,053)

5. Travelblog (Technorati authority 1,185; Alexa rank 7,825)

6. BootsnAll (Technorati authority 827; Alexa rank 17,304)

7. Jaunted (Technorati authority 677; Alexa rank 18,196)

8. Worldhum (Technorati authority 424; Alexa rank 133,107)

What does this list mean to you?

Well, if you’re an aspiring travel blogger, it means a lot. Three of these blogs — TravelPod, Travelblog and BootsnAll — are community-written sites where you can set up a presence and benefit from the blog’s high rankings immediately.

The remaining blogs are group-written. So there’s no single-author, all-powerful travel blog like Daily Kos that the travel industry must ingratiate itself to. (Technically, Kos has contributors, but let’s not kid ourselves. It’s his blog.)

How are these ranking are going to change in the next six months? I think one single-author blog may crack the top eight in the near future, but it’s more likely that the community-written blogs will cement their grip on the top spots.

But your guess is as good as mine.