Surviving the great train robbery of Arkville

The two-hour train ride from Arkville, NY to Roxbury runs through some of the most beautiful scenery in New York’s Catskills.

Add a dozen passengers in historically accurate attire, reenacting a 19th century train robbery, and you have all the makings of a fun-filled afternoon.
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Case dismissed: A vacation headed down the wrong track

Lynn Prater missed her train.

It’s worse than that, actually. There never was a train to miss, and she thinks her travel agent is to blame.

Here’s the setup: Prater had booked a cruise with American Cruise Lines from Jacksonville to Charleston, with a brief stay in Orlando first.

My agent indicated that traveling between Orlando and Jacksonville would be no problem because an Amtrak train leaving around midday could get me to Jacksonville in time for my sailing.

After booking the air, she then found that she had read the train tables incorrectly. The train did not begin to run between Orlando and Jacksonville at the specified time until early April.

Furthermore, she found that the cruise was leaving earlier than she had thought, at 3 p.m., which would not make it possible to do what I had originally intended in Orlando.

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Contract confusion: Don’t let your vacation get lost in translation

On second thought, maybe Haroldy Woods should have paid full fare for her train ticket from Frankfurt to Passau, Germany.

But a ticket agent assured her that signing up for a Deutsche BahnCard would save her money – about 25 percent off her 80 euro fare. Then she handed Woods a contract for the membership program in German, which Woods signed.

Just one problem: Woods doesn’t speak German.
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