The cruise left without them! This is what happened next

Many months before the coronavirus brought the cruise industry to halt, Marcelino and Julieta Bautista found themselves in a terrible predicament. The couple redeemed a free “Casinos at Sea” award for a cruise through the Alaskan glaciers. But they pressed their bets too far when they flew into Anchorage on the same day as embarkation. And although their flight arrived as scheduled, something went terribly wrong and the ship left without them.

As a result, that freebie cruise turned out to be no bargain at all. The couple was forced to pay thousands of dollars to catch up with NCL’s Jewel. Bautista says that the cruise line made the mistake that caused the ship to leave without them.

Now he wants reimbursement for all their extra expenses and wants Elliott Advocacy to help get it. Can we do it? (Reprint)