The most pressing summer travel questions answered

High prices. Long airport lines. Terrorism.

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Where will the terrorists strike next?

If he ran into trouble anywhere, Alan Tannenbaum expected it would be in Istanbul, where he visited his son last week. Turns out he was only half right.
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“Viking has told us one lie after another”

After the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Istanbul, Melissa Chapman thinks she deserves a refund for her summer river cruise. But as is the case with many of the problems that come our way on this site, timing is everything.
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Is Brussels still safe for visitors?

Following a fresh wave of terrorist bombings in Brussels and Istanbul that seemed to target visitors, travelers like Dianne Bush want to know how to save their vacations.
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What’s wrong with the TSAs gun obsession?


Maybe the TSA hasn’t ever caught a single terrorist red-handed, but it’s given us something almost as good: guns. Lots of guns.

Guns are a hot topic today, and not just in Washington. The TSA confiscated them in record numbers last year, and most of them were loaded. They make news, even in small amounts.

No one is going to argue that having guns on planes is a good idea, even after the TSA’s surprise announcement that some knives would be allowed. But is it fair to connect aviation safety to the confiscation of firearms?
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