Gone in a Flash, but is this any better?

We all know the drill: We browse our favorite websites, download videos, and play video games. And inevitably, Adobe Flash Player (aka Shockwave Flash) comes up.

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Can you imagine this travel future?

When the hoverboard made its debut in “Back to the Future Part II” in 1989, we couldn’t imagine a world where that type of technology really existed. Yet here we are, in the same year the movie was set, and hoverboards are a hot, real topic of discussion.
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Slow down, you move too fast

Thanks to technology, travel can be booked with a few quick swipes and clicks. For most people, it means the process is much faster.

It also means more mistakes.

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No more lost luggage? It’s not science fiction

Lost luggage may soon become as rare as lost airline tickets — or, at least, you’d think so when you talk to someone like Randal Collins.

Collins, a flight attendant based in Chicago, left his iPad on a recent flight. He had tagged it with a $25 device called Tile that emits a wireless signal up to 100 feet. It also uses a network of other Tile users to help owners find missing objects.

The tablet proved to be elusive, first tracking at his arrival gate. By the time he showed up to claim it, the plane had been moved to a hangar. Collins reported the iPad missing, and a few weeks later, another Tile user picked up its trail, displaying its likely location in a terminal at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.
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Can technology help you turn the tables on your car rental company?

If you’re tired of technology being used against you — and how can you not be after the the latest NSA spying allegations — then you’ll probably appreciate this man-bites-dog story.

It comes to us by way of Bryan Lawver, who recently rented a car in Florence, Italy. When he returned the vehicle, an associate told him he was “one minute” past the grace period and would be charged an extra day.

“The agent refused to give us a return receipt, but rather penciled info on our original rental agreement,” says Lawver, who works for the federal government in Livermore, Calif. “I found that peculiar, but I lacked the language skills to explain my complaint.”

Fortunately, Lawver had a more high-tech answer. He used his Sony DSC HX10v, which has built-in GPS and resets its clock to local time, to take a timestamped photo of the car — which, by the way, is always a good idea.
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