Are vacation videos the next social media phenomenon? What do you think?

This was supposed to be a post about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World, which we attended on Friday evening. It was great fun, like last year, except that we stayed for the parade.

The kids loved it. We’re grateful to Disney for inviting us.

So why are you watching a 30-second clip of our trip to Canaveral National Seashore yesterday? Well, let me explain.
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What we did this weekend: golfing with pirates in Orlando and exploring Maitland’s Mayan Courtyard

Golf and pirates! Who can imagine a better combination? Not Aren, Iden or Erysse, who tried their hand at minigolf.

Aren, Iden and Erysse visited the Mayan Courtyard at the Maitland Art Center. Not shown is Iden falling into the fountain. We decided to keep that out of this video. After all, he has an image to uphold.

You can see more pictures here and view archived videos at our travel video site.

What we did this weekend: Winter Park college visit, exploring Florida’s “ghost town” and splashing around

Kerr City, Florida, was abandoned a long time ago — or was it? Aren, Iden and Erysse found that there are still people there And you can even rent a cabin.

Good thing everyone was gone for summer recess when Erysse and her brothers visited Rollins College in Winter Park. The screams would have distracted everyone from their studies. Erysse has a few years before she leaves for college, fortunately.

Our apologies to Rollins College and the University of Florida for misappropriating their campus and fight song, respectively. We’re sorry!

They added a new splash pool in Trottwood Park. Iden checked it out on Memorial Day.

You can see more videos of our weekend adventures at our new site, Souvenirist.