7 secrets for boosting your online power

Got a travel problem?

Just tweet about your troubles, and the airline, car rental company or hotel will fix it. At least that’s the conventional wisdom. And while it’s true that travel companies are spending a lot of time online listening to their customers, they’re not necessarily paying attention to all of us.

“Travel companies pick and choose who to respond to in social media,” says social media expert Ryan Goff of the advertising firm MGH, Inc. “You better believe that a Web celebrity with 100,000 Twitter followers is going to catch a company’s attention over the casual Tweeter with only 10 friends.”
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Exclusive: For an authentic social networking experience, try Traxo

ishot-6No disrespect to the other social networking sites for travelers that I’ve written about in the past, but Traxo, which goes into public beta today, looks like the real deal.

The site, billed as a “relationship facilitator” for travelers, allows you to organize your itinerary and travel information and brings friends together when they’re on the road. And if you think you’ve seen this before, think again.
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