Meet the underwriters: Skooba Design

Michael Hess is the chief executive of Skooba Design, one of this site’s charter underwriters. He continues our series, Meet the underwritersHere’s the first part.

What is Skooba Design and how did it get started?

Skooba designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality tech and travel bags and accessories. Bags for laptops, iPads, netbooks, just about every gadget … plus cords, adapters, memory and all the other stuff that has to travel with any electronic arsenal.

Skooba got its start ten years ago — it actually was called RoadWired at the time — but we have actually been in the bag biz for about 20 years. My family owned a prominent manufacturing and distribution company in the photographic industry, and among our dozen or-so brands was a well-known line of camera bags, which we actually made right in our own factory in upstate New York.

After we sold the company in 1998, I decided to start a new bag business that would stretch beyond the photo market and get us into what were then the still fairly emergent laptop/gadget categories.
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