Should I tattle on my seatmate?

windowOn a recent flight from Chicago to Philadelphia, Melissa Brown sat next to a dilemma: a fellow passenger whose actions could crash the plane, but probably wouldn’t. Should she report him — or just let him thumb his nose at the rules?

The dilemma, as you can probably guess, was a passenger who went all Alec Baldwin on her, refusing to power down his electronic device.

“The captain did all the pre-flight announcements,” remembers Brown, who works for a tour operator in Philadelphia. “Seats up, trays up, electronics off.”
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XL passengers invade my economy class seat — and airlines let them

When Elisabeth Haas took her window seat on an American Airlines flight from Orlando to Dallas earlier this year, she discovered a problem – a very big problem.

“A morbidly obese seatmate encroached into my personal space,” she says. “He required a seat-belt extender and that the armrest divider be raised to accommodate his girth during the entire flight, including takeoff and landing. He also had to walk down the aisle oriented sideways and moved quite slowly.” (She sent me a photo of the offense, which I’ve published above.)
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