If you’re nice, maybe you’ll get a seat next to Santa

seat2Go on, ask your airline for a favor — maybe an upgrade to business class or a waiver on a ticket change fee. While you’re at it, see whether your hotel will offer you a suite for the price of a standard room.

The answer could be yes.

No, really. In an effort to spread a little cheer, ticket agents and front-desk workers are known to bend a few rules during the holidays. This year, they’ll probably be doing it more than ever, perhaps with the reluctant blessings of their bosses.
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6 ways to get your way when you travel

The thought of spending 11 hours in a locked and upright position didn’t put Elyse Weiner in a good mood. But you wouldn’t have known it.

“I was leaving Venice for New York and found that my airline seat was broken,” recalls Weiner, who runs a Manhattan-based podcasting company. “I explained my problem to the flight attendant, but he became angrier and angrier, yelling that ‘nowhere in your agreement with our airline does it say you get to have a seat that works.’ ”

As the crewmember grew more agitated, Weiner had the opposite reaction: She turned nice.

Extra nice.
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A true story about the power of nice

waitWhen I arrived at Gate K9 at O’Hare yesterday, it wasn’t a pretty picture. American Airlines flight 1400, delayed by an hour, looked completely full. A long line stretched from the gate to the McDonald’s across the hall.

Even if they could squeeze one more passenger on the plane, they’d probably charge me. The agent would have been well within her rights to do that, since I had a reservation on the next flight to Orlando, which left two hours later.

Then I remembered that a little niceness can take you a long way.
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