Road trip update: All roads lead to Venice

They saved the best for last.

Our Adventures by Disney tour of Italy ended today, but not before hitting several highlights, including:

• A bullet-train ride from Florence to Venice and an unforgettable gondola ride from the train station to the hotel Luna, just around the corner from St. Mark’s square.

• A mask-making class with the same Venetian artisans who created the famous “poker face” mask for Lady Gaga. They were extremely helpful, and the kids loved the masks they made.

• On our own, we had a memorable dinner at the Westin Europa. The canal views were astonishingly beautiful. I highly recommend the traditional Venetian dinner.
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Road trip update: What did you like the most about Florence?

“What did you like best about Italy so far,” I asked as we boarded the bus back to the hotel.

“Florence,” said my nine-year-old son, Aren, without hesitating.

“Why?” I wondered. “What about the Tuscan countryside? Orvieto? Rome? What made you pick Florence?”

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Road trip update: On our way through Orvieto

Travel days aren’t the most glamorous part of a tour. The best you can hope for is an interesting rest stop.

Orvieto was just that. It’s the medieval city on a hill you see in every travel guidebook – the one that announces, “Now you’re in Europe!”
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A rough ride across the Mediterranean

We spent today at sea. It was a bumpy ride back to Palma de Mallorca, Spain. But an invitation to tour the bridge made us forget about our motion sickness for a little while.
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All roads lead to Civitavecchia, Italy

When we pulled into port in Civitavecchia this morning, everyone wanted to know what we planned to do in Rome.

“Nothing,” I said, trying to not sound like a contrarian. “We’re going the other way.”
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