Help, I’ve reached a dead end with my Verizon iPhone

iphoneQuestion: I’m at a dead end and feel I have been tossed aside by the corporate giant that is Verizon in hopes that I will just become mute and complacent. I will not!

I have been a Verizon customer for approximately 10 years. For the past two years, I have had an iPhone that uses their 3g network for data. My relationship with Verizon was fine up until this point.

The area in which I live is highly seasonal and the population grows by 3.5 million in the summer months. Verizon’s 3g network can not handle this and I do not get data coverage from Friday nights until Monday morning all summer long. This issue is even prevalent in the off season when there are a lot of people around (malls at the holiday, etc.). However, I test my phone next to someone with another carrier and their phones work fine, no matter where.
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#Nophone day three: less talk, more action

Today was not a day for talk. Today was the day for action.
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What we did this weekend: go kart races in Maitland and an Aquatica adventure in Orlando

We spent Father’s Day weekend doing “guy” things and testing the new iPhone 3Gs. Both of these videos were shot on the new phone.

The kids can’t get enough of speed. After racing golf carts last weekend, they graduated to the next level: go carts!

Will they take to the chutes at Aquatica? No way! Iden tried out the junior slide but for the most part the kids stayed safely in the splash zone.