Why won’t Hotels.com refund my room? And why can’t you help me?

Why won’t Hotels.com help Margarita Plaks? Why won’t I help her? Read more “Why won’t Hotels.com refund my room? And why can’t you help me?”

Hotels.com heaps on the compensation, then reneges

After Dawn Polvorosa spends hours on hold, Hotels.com promises her $250 in compensation for her trouble. Although the company fixes her initial problem, the make-good offer is missing in action. Read more “Hotels.com heaps on the compensation, then reneges”

Dollars or pesos? Apparently it’s all the same to Hotels.com

What’s the difference between pesos and dollars? John Flanagan knows, but he wonders if Hotels.com does. Read more “Dollars or pesos? Apparently it’s all the same to Hotels.com”

Hotels.com left me in Paris sans hotel

When Judi McManigal arrives at her hotel in Paris, she discovers she doesn’t have a reservation. Her online travel agency won’t help her. Is she stuck with the bill?

Question: We made a reservation recently on Hotels.com for a hotel in Paris. When we arrived, the hotel informed us that they had canceled the reservation due to an issue with the credit card transaction. Apparently, not all U.S. credit cards are accepted in Europe, which we also learned when we tried to buy train tickets from a machine with the same credit card.

Our hotel told us that they had notified Hotels.com of the credit card issue and cancellation before our arrival. They even showed me a printout of the email. However, Hotels.com never notified us of the credit card problem, nor the cancellation. The hotel had only one night available, so we had to find another hotel at the last minute for the three remaining nights.

We called the Hotels.com number in France, and the agent stated that they had the cancellation in their system. But after speaking with several representatives, Hotels.com refused to put us in another hotel at the same rate.
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Can I get a refund for my stay at the No-Tell Motel?

Wave Media/Shutterstock
Wave Media/Shutterstock

Gladys Martin’s hotel room is uninhabitable, but the property wants to charge her for it, anyway. Is there any way to undo this mistake?

Question: While traveling through Pennsylvania on a college tour with our daughter, my husband and I made a reservation for two nights at a Super 8 through Hotels.com. When we arrived at the hotel late in the evening, we were dismayed to find a hotel with questionable clientele (there was a couple behind us looking for a couple of hours’ stay at the hotel) and a hotel attendant behind a double-panel glass window.

I asked to see the room before signing any paperwork and the attendant declined. He simply gave me a form to fill out with my name and address. Due to the late hour and not having any other viable option for a night’s stay, we agreed to spend the night at the hotel but to check out the following morning as soon as possible.

Although the room had been recently renovated, the carpet was filthy. Our shoes stuck to the carpet. The air conditioner was set at 45 degrees, and it took more than three hours for the room to heat up to 74 degrees. The walls were thin enough that we could hear every move of our neighbor upstairs and of our neighbors around us.
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