TSA Watch: Could you please define “accountability”?


That was the dramatic headline on TSA’s blog late yesterday announcing the firing of at least 30 employees, including two senior managers, at Honolulu International Airport, for “improperly” screening baggage. Actually, the luggage wasn’t screened at all.

Not that it really mattered. No planes exploded mid-air, thanks to their negligence.
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Hawaii’s art of the state

The last place you’d expect to find a tourist in Honolulu is at the state capitol, but that’s exactly where we headed when we landed here today.

It’s a work of art. The Bauhaus-style building is rich with symbolism, from the reflecting pool surrounding the structure, which represents the Pacific Ocean, to the long columns that look like coconut trees — one for each of the Hawaiian islands.

The capitol’s open design goes far beyond the open roof (pictured above) and courtyard.
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