An eBay gift card scam is running wild. This is how to avoid it

Here come the eBay gift card scammers — and just in time to steal your cash after the holidays. But the Elliott Advocacy team is here too, warning you about these swindlers so you can avoid their trap.

We’ve received many pleas for help from distraught victims of this particular eBay gift card scam during the past month. They’ve lost hundreds and even thousands of dollars to this scheme. These consumers all want the same thing: to retrieve their stolen money from the anonymous predators who tricked them.

But is there any possible way to do that?

Never invite an eBay buyer to your house. This is why

If you’re an eBay seller and a local buyer asks to pick-up an item at your house, should you let them? The answer is no and Steven Sanderson can tell you exactly why. An elaborate scam involving eBay and Paypal led an iPad thief directly to his front door. The brazen predator came disguised as a friendly customer willing to purchase the digital device from Sanderson for top dollar. But it was weeks before the fraudulent nature of this transaction became clear.

Now Sanderson’s iPad is gone and so is the money he made by “selling” it on eBay. He blames PayPal for this fiasco and wants our help getting his $650 back. But who really is responsible here? (Reprint)