“I am at the end of my rope”

This is a story about down-on-his-luck air traveler who had a bad trip — a very bad trip — and an online agency that came to his rescue.

Here’s Andrew Pelligreeni’s deal: His apartment in Kansas City recently burned down. He wanted to get away from it all, so he spent what little money he had to book a rountrip ticket on AirTran through Expedia to visit a friend.

While he was in Washington, Pelligreen became ill and missed his return flight. Further complicating the issue is the fact that Pelligreeni is deaf and can only communicate through call relay. Oh, and his cell phone was broken.

I told you this was a hard luck case.

Question is, would Expedia and AirTran also see this as a hard luck case — or a tough luck case?
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