Cruise line to cancer survivor: “Bring your own wheelchair”

Anne O’Connor’s friend, Annie, is a cancer survivor. She’s taking a special Danube cruise with her parents in December to celebrate the completion of another round of chemotherapy. She’ll need a wheelchair for the voyage, but her cruise line is being unhelpful.

Does a cruise line owe its disabled passengers a free wheelchair? Hers did not.

Annie is cruising through Central Europe on the Danube Waltz, which is owned by Viking River Cruises. It’s a small riverboat. Viking’s policy is crystal-clear. From its policy statement (PDF):

As a general rule, Guests with disabilities who require the use of a wheelchair on board our ships must bring and remain responsible for their own wheelchair, which must be collapsible.

So what made me contact Viking River Cruises on Annie’s behalf, anyway? Read on.
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