Is this enough compensation? They promised me a refund but there was a catch

When someone promises you a refund, you expect to get all your money back, right? But not if you’re dealing with an airline. And not if you’re Leopoldo Yanez.

He had booked a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas on Continental Airlines this month for his wife and himself. It was their 58th wedding anniversary, so he wanted to make it special.

I used 30,000 miles to upgrade to first class the leg from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas, which I knew it would be non-refundable, and I bought a first class ticket for the return leg, which they told me is fully refundable.

Unfortunately, my wife got very sick and it was forbidden by her physician to walk. I had to cancel our reservation.

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Fact-checking the Continental Airlines-United Airlines merger

In their push to become the biggest airline on the planet, Continental Airlines and United Airlines wasted no time posting a merger website this morning. Maybe they should have considered hiring an editor before they did.

Now, I realize that no one is accurate 100 percent of the time, and that I’ve had my fair share of corrections. Feel free to let loose with the people-who-live-in-glass-houses-shouldn’t-throw-stones comments.

Then again, I’m not at the top of the airline food chain, either.
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