Know what you are confirming before you click that confirm button!

When Karen Shiu tries to adjust her flight via the United Airlines website, she is shocked to find an additional $6,000 charged to her credit card. Can we help straighten out this online flight fiasco? Read more “Know what you are confirming before you click that confirm button!”

Don’t forget to confirm your hotel reservation

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A two-night stay at the Driftwood Inn in Chestertown, Md., was supposed to cost Bruce Romano $138 through a Web site called HotelPlus Destination Portal, as long as he prepaid for his accommodations. That seemed like a good deal. After all, it was Memorial Day weekend, one of the busiest travel times of the year.

But it didn’t make sense to the Driftwood Inn, a budget hotel that decorates its rooms with flotsam and other artifacts pulled from the Atlantic. An employee claimed that the hotel didn’t know much about Romano’s reservation when he checked in.

“When I arrived at the Driftwood Inn, they had my name but insisted that I needed to pay them directly,” says Romano, who works for the federal government in Washington, “and at a higher rate.”

He coughed up an additional $157 for his room, paying twice for the same accommodations.
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